Stephen Neil Gill
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bacteria quorum sensing, communication,
Bacteria Quorum Sensing 24"H x 18"W x .625"D Acrylic, Canvas 2016

bee, carpenter ant, insects, sold,
SOLD Bee and Carpenter Ant 9"H x 12"W Colored Pencil, Marker, Paper 2016

burj khalifa, shanghai tower, clock tower,
Skyscrapers 12" x 12" Ink, Marker, Metallic Ink, Paper 2016

no country fo old men, myths,
No Country For Old Men/Myths 14"H x 11"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2016

treble, reverb, music, abstract,
Reverb and Treble 9"H x 12"W Colored Pencil, Paper 2015

hair dresser, blow dryer, stylist, concept art,
Hairdresser and Blow Dryer + Face 6"H x 8"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2015

martin luther king jr., black panther, rosa parks, malcolm x,
Martin Luther King Jr. Black Panther Rosa Parks Malcolm X 12" x 12" x1.5" Acryic, Canvas 2009

1948, within, insider, the voice,
Inside Traders 48 12"H x 9"W Ink, Marker, Metallic Pencil, Paper, 2015

secret service, terrorist, bombs, guns,
Terrorists and Secret Service 24"H x 30"W x .675"D Acrtlic, Enamel, Canvas 2015

elixir, yogini, goddess, medicine
Elixir and Yogini 36"H x 24"W x .6"D Acrylic on Canvas 2015

mixed greens, banana pepper, ranch dressing, rotisserie oven,
Mixed Greens/Banana Pepper/Ranch Dressing/Rotisserie Oven 16"H x 12"W x .6"D 2015

bowser, mr. magoo, huckleberry hound, daffy duck, phoenix rising,
SOLD Bowser, Mr. Magoo, Huckleberry Hound, Daffy Duck, Phoenix Rising 14"H x 11"W x .75"D Acrylic on Canvas 2014

don drysdale, curveball, calvin coolidge, persistence,
Don Drysdale Curveball Calvin Coolidge Persistence 11"H x 14"W x .6"D Acrylic,Canvas 2015

dachshund, wiener dog, prickly, cactus,
Dachshund and Prickly Cactus 14"H x 11"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2015

politics, lobbyist, bribe, influence,
Polititians/Lobbyists with Tentacles 11"H x 14"W x .75"D Acrylic, Metallic Acrylic, Canvas, 2015

flatworm, frank stella, pop art,
Flatworm and Creature 6"H x 8"W Ink, Marker, Metallic Ink on Paper 2014

wives, children, magnetic, polygamist,
Wives,Children, Magnetic Polygamist 14"H x 11"W x ,75"D Acrylic Canvas 2015

cold, outside, grandmother, grandson, conversations,
Grandmother / Grandson / 4.5"H x 3" Ink,Marker,Paper, 2014

ichthyologist, algologist,, seaweed, marine biology,
Icthyologist, Algologist, Seaweed 8"H x 8"W x .625"D Acrylic on Canvas 2015

hotel manager, unruly, guests, disobedience,
Hotel Manager and Unruly Guests 8"H x *"W x .625"W Acrylic on Canvas 2015

publicity hound, afrika bambaataa,
Publicity Hound / Afrika Bambaataa 12"H x 12"W x ,5"D Acrylic on Canvas 2014

elaine of corbenic, sir lanceleot, galahad, knights of the round table,
Elaine of Corbenic, Sir Lancelot, Galahad 8"H x 10"W Ink , Marker, Metallic Ink on Paper 3014

creatures, conversations,
Creatures 6"H x 8"W Ink and Marker on Paper 2014

juliet, romeo, shakespeare, conversation,
Juliet and Romeo 20"H x 16"W x .5"D Acrylic on Canvas 2015

green stiletto, party animals,
Stiletto Green and Party Animals 12"H x 12"W x 5."D Acrylic/Canvas 2015

farmers almanac, encrypted,beetle,mantis,
Farmers Almanac and Encrypted Mantis-Beetle 20"Hx 16"W x .5"D Acrylic on Canvas 2015

upside down, drawing,
Creatures 8"H x 6"W Ink and Maker on Paper 2014

president, john adams, gumby,
President John Adams and Gumby 18"H x 24"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2007

peak, plateau, terrain, high ground,
Peaks and Plateaus 11"H x 14"W x .75"D Acrylic, Tape, Canvas 2015

long nose,
Creatures 6"H x 8"W Ink, Marker, Metallic Ink, Paper 2015

red tide, green algae, gulf coast, ocean,
Red Tide and Green Algae 11"H x 14"W x .75"D Acrylic,Canvas,2015

crocodile, kangaroo, australia, swamp,
Crocodile and Kangaroo 16" x 12" x .675" Acrylic, Canvas, 2015

timmucuan cacque, calusa dolman, muscrat, priest,
Muscrats, Magpie, Timmucuan Cacque, Calusa Dolman, 12"H x 16"W x .675"D Acrylic , Canvas 2015

sous chef, snake, parasaurolophus, amish taffy,
Sous Chef, Snake, Parasaurolophus, Amish Taffy, 16"H x 12"W x .675"D Acrylic, Canvas, 2015

mosquito, larvae,
SOLD Mosquito and Larvae 6"H x 6"W x 1.5"D Acrylic, Canvas, 2011

pregnant, mother, 11 years,
Pregnant Mother and 11 B 8 14"H x 11"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2007

fem, snail, lullaby, rooster,
Feminine Snail and Lullabye Rooster 11"H x 15"W Watercolor, Ink, Paper 2016

tupperware, mary k,
Tupperware Party Poopers Mary Kay Sales Team 16"H x 20"W x .75"D Acrylic Canvas 2016

frat, fraternity, fire, girl,
Fraternity Boys on Fire/Panty Raid Girl 16"H x20"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2016

microorganism, community, communication,
Bacteria Quorum Sensing 16"H x 20"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2007

bacteria quorum sensing,
Bacteria Quorum Sensing 16"H x 20"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2007

pixie stix, candy, straw, sugar,
Pixie Stix 12"H x 18"W Ink, Marker, Watercolor, Metallic Ink, Paper 2014

computer, computer science, browser, saved searches,
Phishing Weights Mousetrap Browser Saved Searches 8.675"H x 29.75"W x .375"D Mixed Media on Wood Board 2016

nature, defense, budget, attack,
Aggressive Nature/Defense Budget Acrylic, Metallic Acrylic, Canvas 2016

hen, cool cat,
Hen and Cool Cats 24"H x 18"W x .625"W Acrylic, Canvas 2016

carbon dioxide, dunce, global warming, greenhouse effect,
Animals Fish and Carbon Dioxide Dunce 2016

party, party animals, celebration, fiesta,
Party Animals 15"H x 10"W Watercolor, Acrylic, Metallic Ink, Latex, Paper 2006

care bear, baby bird,
Care Bear Baby Bird Others 14"H x 11"W x .5"D Acrylic, Canvas 2016

time-travel, space, travel
Wormholes and Structural Engineer 15"H x 30"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2016

2017, chemical,
SOLD Bacteria Quorum Sensing 16"H x 20"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas, 2017

Bacteria Quorum Sensing 8"H x 10"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2017

elf, santa claus, toy, christmas,
Elf and Santa Claus 6"H x 8"W Marker, Ink, Paper 2015