Stephen Neil Gill
Analog Photographs

Viewing An Analog Photograph
is like
Listening to a Vinyl Record

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tiger, plush, zebra,
Angel North Port Instax 210 Fujiroid 2016

commander sheppard, pikachu, cosplay, spectra,
Commander Sheppard and Pikachu Fort Myers Impossible Spectra 2015

unicorn, big gulp, portrait, cute,
Caity, Unicorn, Big Gulp, Fort Myers Beach Impossible One Step 2015

fuji, instax, unicorn,
Veronica Unicorn Pompano Beach Instax 210 Fujiroid 2015

jesse, puppy, dog,
Jesse Cape Coral Puppy Dog Impossible One Step 2015

haulover beach, florida, float,
Maurey at Lifeguard Station Haulover Beach Florida Impossible SX-70 2016

mauricio leiva, haulover beach,
Maurey with Blue Float Haulover Beach Florida Impossible Spectra 2016

lehigh acres, bekah, one step,
Bekah Lehigh Acres Impossible One Step 2016

jesse sunshine, instax 210, domo, plushie,
jessie Cape Coral Fujiroid Instax 210 2016