stephen neil gill

mixed  Media and

con ? cepts





global warming, greenhouse effect,
Global Warming/Greenhouse Effect 16"H x 12"W 2017

medical marijuana, freedom,
4 Twenty 30"H x 15"W 2017

circut board, channel, switchboard,
Channeling 30"H x 15"W x .75"D 2016

squirrel, boi, seiko watch, vintage,
Squirrel Boi 20"H x 16"W x .5"D Acrylic, Vintage Seiko Watch, Canvas 2015

cat, yarn, cry, mixed nedia, conceptual art,
SOLD Toyland 9"H x 5"W x 1.5"D 2014

homespum, plastic, enamel, mixed media,
SOLD 5"H x 5"W x 1.5"D Homespun on Plastic on Sprayed Enamel 2012

women's rights, equal opportunity, discrimination, money,
Women's Rights Equal Work Equal Pay 24"H x 36"W Digital Photograph 2015

nasa, apollo 13, jerry bostick, fdo,
Failure Is Not An Option NASA Tribute 24"H x 36"W Digital Photograph 2015

Helium 3, polaroid, mixed media,
3 Helium 14"H x 11"W x .75"D Enamel/Plolaroid/Acrylic/Canvas 2014

Phishing Weights Mousetrap Browser Saved Searches 8.675"H x 29.75"W x .375"D Mixed Media on Wood Board 2016

toyland, pop surreal, monkey,
Toyland 9"H x 4"W x 1.5"D 2014

face, wink, bubble blower eyes,
SOLD Face 6"H x 6"W x 1.5"D Micaceous Iron Oxide and Plastic on Canvas 2011

scissor face, mixed media, art,
SOLD Face 6"H x 6"W x 1.5"D Metal, Acrylic, Micaceous Iron Oxide, on Canvas 2011

boundaries, healing heroes network,
Boundaries 3.5"H x 4"W x 4"D 2014 Micaceous Iron Oxide, Acrylic Ink, Plastic , Canvas

fire ghost
Fire Ghost 5"H x 4"W x .75"D Acrylic, Styrofoam, Watercolor on Canvas 2008

fake, plastic nails,
Fake Orgasam 24"H x 20"W x .75"W Plastic Nails and Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 2011

PYRO MANIAC 18"H x 36"W Mixed Media on Canvas 2009


purple heart, soldier, wounded,
Purple Heart 7.5"H x 4"W x 1.5"W Mixed Media on Canvas 2011

smurf, treadmill
Smurf on a Treadmill 8.25"H x 5"W x 1.5"D Mixed Media on Canvas 2012

XXX Y 12"H x 9"W x .75"D Acrylic, Watercolor, Metallic Acrylic on Canvas 2012

bottle cap eyes, mixed media,
SOLD Face 7"H x 5"W x .75"D Mixed Media on Canvas 2005

Y XXX 4"H x 6"W x 1.5"D Card Stock and Metallic Acrylic on Canvas 2005

abraham lincoln, red square, capitalism, comunism,
Abraham Lincoln In Red Square 12"H x 12"W x .5"D Mixed Media on Canvas 2014

bone, doctor, physician
SOLD bone 6"H x 4"W x 1.5"D Mixed Media on Canvas 2005

mixed media. stephen neil gill.,
SOLD 20"H x 16"W x .75"D Mixed Media on Canvas 2005

safety razor, sheath, smile,
SOLD Face 6"H x 4"W x 1.5"D Mixed Media on Wood Block 2009

baby, pegasus, mixed media, art,
Baby Pegasus 7"H x 4"W x 1.5"D Mixed Media on Canvas 2014

love triangle, XOXO,
Triangle Love Face XOXO 12"H x 9"W Ink on Paper 2013

SOLD C6 H12 06 24"H x 18"W Watercolor and Pencil on Paper 2014

hearts, new beginning, empty, full,
Face 24"H x 20"W x .5"D Acrylic on Canvas 2005

gouache, mixed media,
Face 4"H x 6"W x .75"D Acrylic, Plastic, Gouache, Canvas 2016

experiment, psychology, saliva, bell,
Conversations: Ivan Pavlov/Donald Trump Mixed Media, Paper 2017

franz kline, writing, writer, concept art,
EXCLAMATION! 20"H X 16"W X .75"D Mixed Media, Canvas 2017

assemblage, stephen neil gill,
Assemblage Digital File 2017

polaroid emulsion, unicycle, clown, skidmark,
Skidmark From A Clowns Unicycle 4"x 5" Polaroid Emulsion, Oil Stick 2002

worm, flatworm,
Subconscious Evolution Ecosystem Theorem 16"H x 12"W x .75"D 2017

john kennedy, hero, president, american,
Wish You Were Here Postcard 4"H x 6"W