Stephen Neil Gill
Paper 4 Sale
Page 8

Face 14.125"H x 10.25"W Mix on Paper 2015

solution, h20, universal solvent,
Solutions 10.25"H x 14.25"W Watercolor, Graphite, Paper 2017

unkown object, color blocks,
6"H x 4"W Ink, Markrt, Paper 2014

heart, love, pure,
Pure Heart 6"H x 4"W Ink on Paper 2006

Face 12"H x 12"W Marker, Ink, Paper 2016

stand, tall, sky, reach,
Stand Tall And Reach For The Sky 11"H x 8.5"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2016

rapunzel. fairy tale, brothers grimm, long hair,
Rapunzel Fish 11.75"H x 8.25"W Watercolor, Ink, Paper 2014

abstract portrait, geometric, corporate,
Face 12"H x 18"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2016

uber, dawg, sanfrancisco, taxi,
Uber Dawg 13"H x 9"W Ink on Paper 2016

acute, sharp, serious, angle,
Acutely Aware of Nothing 9"H x 12"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2016

Creature 11"H x 8.5"W Ink, Metallic Ink, Marker, Graph Paper 2016

droplet, flatworm,
Droplet Face with Flatworms 12"H x 9"W Ink, Marker, Watercolor, Paper 2005

over and over,
12"H x 9"W Ink on Paper 2017

Creatures 12"H x 9"W Marker, Ink, Paper 2015

transparency, archetecture,
Face 12"H x 12"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2016

Creature 7"H x 10"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2014

Face 12"H x 9"W Graphite, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, 2015

Creature 6"H x 8"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2014

puzzle pieces,
Face 8"H x 10"W Ink, Acrylic, Paper 2017

harvest, wheat, grain, oats,
Harvest 12"H x 18"W Ink, Graphite, Marker, Paper 2017

heart, lines, simple,
Heart 14"H x 11"W Ink, Paper 2007

minimal, cubist,
Faces 11"H x 15.125"W Graphite Marker, Watercolor, 2014

bottle opener,
Untitled 12"H x 9"W Ink, Paper 2013

extinct, species,
Extinction 12"H x 18"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2013

quarterly dividend,
Quarterly Dividend 18"H x 12"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2014

Overage 9"H x 12"W Ink, Paper 2017

Faces Facebook 11"H x 9"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2015

Untitled 9"H z 12"W Ink, Parer 2017

tube, travel,
Untitled 7"H x 10"W In, Marker, Paper 2015

Lines 9"H x 12"W Ink, Paper 2013

kinetic lines,
Untitled 9"H x 12"W Ink, Paper 2017

ninety degrees,
Lines 9"H x 12"W Ink, Paper 2013

dr.suess, creature,
Creature 10"H x 7"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2012

progression, prgressive,
Face 14"H x 11"W Ink, Acrylic, Micaceous Iron Oxide, Marker 2017

8"H x 10"W Ink, Paper 2017