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is indicated under each image

Each reproduction is signed with a special 
 code on the back
A certificate of authenticity with 
that code is issued for each reproduction

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girlpower, equal rights, work, money,
24"H x 36"W Women's Rights Equal Work Equal Pay 2015 Edition of 25
Women's Rights Equal Work Equal Pay

cosplay, make beleive, war, humor,
24"H x 36"W Professor Laura Lee Finley Edition of 10 Make Beleive Not War 2018
Make Beleive Mot War

assemblage, limited edition,
36"H x 24"W Assemblage 2017 Edirion of 5

penguin, global warming, plushie, globe,
30"H x 24"W Penguin and Globe 2015 Edition of 10

fern, shovel, garden, tool,
36"H x 24"W Fern and Shovel 2019 Edition of 10
Fern and Shovel

Sign, time, deteriorate, lamp,
24"H x 36"W Sign of the Times 2018 Edition of 6