Stephen Neil Gill

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#51 15"H x 30"W x .75"D Oil on Canvas 2016

vertical, slant,
#52 14"H x 10.25W Watercolor, Marker, Paper 2016

easy chair,
#53 Fainting Chair Watercolor, Marker, Colored Pencil 2016

yellow, purple, gray,
#54 7.125"H x 10.125"W Watercolor, Marker, Paper 2016

wormhole, red alert, red,
#55 Wormhole 9"H x 12"W Acrylic on Canvas Paper 2016

intrinsic,yellow, purple, minimal,
#56 Intrinsic 30"H x 24"W x 1.5"D Oil on Canvas 2017

the blues, canvas panel,
#57 The Blues 12"H x 9"W x.125"D Oil on Canvas Panel 2017

trending, topic, viral, internet,
#58 Trending Topic Going Viral 10"H x 16"W x .75"D Oil on Canvas 2017

natural gas, new planets, watercolor, gas,
#59 New Planets Natural Gas Extraction 9"H x 12"W Watercolor, Paper 2017

#60 Contingencies 18"H x 12"W Watercolor, Graphite Paper 2017

shaggy dog,lawn,
#61 Shaggy Dog on Front Lawn 12"H x 9"W Oil, Canvas Panel 2017