Stephen Neil Gill
Subconscious Evolution
Ecosystem Theorem

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Subconscious Evolution
Ecosystem Theorem

All Living Things Connected

by Stephen Neil Gill

Evolution of the subconscious ecosystem began with the first living organisms.

All living things are connected, past, present, future, through subconscious evolution.

All living things have instinct derived from the first living organisms.

All living things subconscious instinct at their conception is inherited.

Evolutionary modification, after conception, of all living things subconscious instinct attributes to earths changing ecosystem.


Subconscious Evolution
Theorem Example in Humans

Human mass is comprised of 90% bacteria.
Bacteria mutate, and sometimes share genetic content.
Bacteria communicate with their own species and other species, quorum sensing.
Humans depend on bacteria for survival. Humans can not digest food or expel waste on their own.
The above information demonstrates a subconscious evolutionary symbiotic relationship between humans and other older species.
As humans change their dietary consumption
they change the ecosystem.
This relationship is a minuscule glimpse into earth's subconscious ecosystem.