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May be Between
Inanimate Objects
Homo Sapiens Living and Deceased
Atomic Structure
Make Believe Anything

animals, prehistoric, stone age, paleolithic,
Genetically Altered Paleolithic Unicorns 48"Lx36"H
Conversations: Genetically Altered Paleolithic Unicorns #1

banana boat, legion, caste system, protagonist,
Banana Boat Legion/Caste System Protagonists 18"H x 24"W Acrylic, Canvas 2017

golden globe awards, foreign press,
Golden Globe Award Winners/Foreign Press 12"H x 9"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2017

greek philosophy, scented shampoo,
Scented Shampoo/Greek Philosophers 20"H x 16"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2017

ivan pavlov, donald trump, Russia, America,
Ivan Pavlov/Donald Trump 12"H x 9"W x.1"D Mixed Media 2017
Conversations Ivan Pavlov and Donald Trump

barber shop pole, totem
SOLD Barber Shop Totems 19"H x 7"W Ink, Metallic Ink, Marker, Paper 2012

Electrician From Across the Street, His Dog Thomas Edison and The Neighbors 30"H x 40"W x 1.5"W Oil, Ink, Oil Stick, Canvas 2023

Poltergeist, Basset Hound
Poltergeist and Basset Hound 8"H x 10"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2009
Conversations Poltergeist Basset Hound

pythagorean theorem,
Creaures and Pythagorean Theorem 12"H x 18"W Mixed on Paper 2012

The Last Pharaoh and Wandering Seahorse

Creatures 12"H x 18"W Ink, Marker, Watercolor, Metallic Ink, Paper 2012

King Tutankhamen, frogman, king tut, egyptian,
Frogman/King Tutankhamen 4" x 4" x 1" Acrylic, Canvas 2007
Conversations Frogman/King Tut

hercules beetle, cat, aunt,
Hercules Beetle-Cat/Red Aunt 4"H x 4"W x 1.5"D Acrylic, Metallic Acrylic, Micaceious Iron Oxide, Canvas 2010
Conversations Hercules Beetle-Cat/Red Aunt

broad-winged tree cricket, air baloon, wolfman,
Broad-Winged Tree Cricket, Air Baloon, Wolfmans Baby 4"H x 4"W x 1.5"W Acrylic, Canvas 2007
Conversations Broad Winged Tree Cricket/Air Baloon/Wolfman' Baby

carnivors, berry, bloated,
Carnivors/Bloated Berry 4"H x 4"W x 1.5"D Acrylic, Canvas 2007
Conversations Carnivors/Bloated Berry

buddy, canary, sing,
Buddy Blue and Singing Canary 4"H x 4"W x .75"D Gauche, Canvas 2008
Conversations Buddy Blue and Singing Canary

fragmented, soul, goatee,
Fragmented Soul and Crocodile with Goatee 9"H x 11"W Mixed Media, Paper 2012
Conversations Fragmented Soul and Crocodile with Goatee

Bacteria Quarum Sensing 11"H x 14"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2007

retire, gold digger, silver,
Retired Silver Miner /Gold Digger 6"H x 4"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2009
Creatures Retired Silver Miner and Gold Digger

flower pistils,
Flower Pistils 14"H x 11"W Acrylic Ink, Metallic Ink, Marker 2013
Conversations: Pistils

inchworm, runaway,
Abominable Snowman/lil runaway 18"H x 24"W x .675"D Acrylic, Canvas, 2017

sigmundfreud, theory, picasso,
Sigmund Freud's Theory and Picasso 11"H x 8.5"W Colored Pencil, Ink, Metallic Pencil, Marker, Paper 2016
Conversations Sigmund Freuds Theory and Picasso

flying squirrel, hawk, nomad, conversations,
Flying Squirrel, Hawk and Nomad 12"H x 12"W x .675"D Acrylic, Metallic Acrylic, Canvas 2014

thailand, community, 2007,
Thailand Community 11"H x 14"W x .75"D Acrylic, Canvas 2007

droll. three wisemen,
Droll and 3 Wisemen 11"H x 14"W Ink, Graphite, Metallic Ink, Paper 2018

Creatures 15"H x 11"W Watercolor, Metallic Watercolor, Ink, Paper 2016
Conversations Creatures

conversation, creatures
Creatures 12"H x 18"W Watercolor, Ink, Paper 2017
Conversations Creatures

Creatures 11"H x 14"W Ink, Acrylic, Canvas 2018

Rastafarian, jane doe,
Upstanding Rastafarian and Jane Doe 18"H x 24"W x .75"D 2019

Faces 8"H x 6"W Ink, Marker, Paper 2014
Conversations: Faces

seahorse, aquarium,
Seahorse, Baby Seahorse, Aquarium Man

housewife, gossip, pooch,
William, Miserable Housewife, Gossip Betty, Pooch 14"H x 11"W x .75"D Acrylic on Canvas 2007
Conversations: William, Miserable Housewife, Gossip Betty, Pooch

john lennon, aesop's fables,
Aesop's Fables/John Lennon 18"H x 24"W Acrylic, Metallic Acrylic, Canvas 2019

SOLD ToTems 36"H x 18"W x ..75"D Acrylic on Canvas 2020

sleepwalker, daughter in law,
Sleepwalker/Laughing Cat 16"H x 12"H x .75"D Acrlylic on Canvas 2020

brat, dom, baby girl,
Baby Brat Girl/Mommy Dom 15"H x 11"W Ink, Marker, Watercolor 2020

daisy duck
Prince and Princess Daisy Duck 9"H x 12"W Ink, Marker, Watercolor, Paper 2020

army ant, playwright,
Army Ant and Playwright 9"H x 12"W Ink, Watercolor, Marker, Paper 2020

Telepathic 12"H x 9"W Ink, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Marker, Paper, 2020

shape shifter,
Henrietta Bunny Ears and Shape Shifting Specimen Jar 2021

Bird Watching Cowhand with Dark Sense of Humor
and Bacteria Film Colony Photo Comming

Fish and Seaweed 5"H x 5"W x 1.5'D Metallic Acrylic, Ink, Canvas, 2011
Conversations: Fish and Seaweed

Whale and Harpoon 8"H x 10"W Acrylic, Metallic Acrylic, Canvas 2009

Frightened Pet and Candy Corn 14"H x 11"W x ,75"D Epoxy, Metallic Acrylic, Acrylic, Glass Paint, Canvas 2009

SOLD Moose Whisperer From Alpena Michigan Delivering the local news 2023

SOLD Teachers Lounge 9"W x 12"H Ink, Marker, Metallic Ink, Paper 2022

SOLD Michael Spores and The Acorn People 8"H x 6"W Ink, Metallic Ink, Marker, Acrylic, Paper 2023