Stephen Neil Gill
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Pop Dolls

“During my 11 year stay in Los Angeles and Palm Springs California (1997-2008), refuge and comfort were found at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery on Hollywood Blvd. It was there an affinity, and devotion to the style of pop surrealism / lowbrow was formed. 2005 the first “Pop Doll” was born.”

“A population of Pop Dolls followed containing gene traits of Blythe, Barbie, Bratz, Living Dead, and Pullip, each Pop Doll having its own unique look and personality. No two Pop Dolls are the same with the exception of the Siamese twins. Numerous editing steps are taken during conception, birth, and growth. Complex technical information is purposely omitted to ensure individual traits. It would be an extremely difficult task to reproduce a Pop Doll except if it was cloned at birth.”

“Muses participating in this series of portraits communicate in the advance to select clothing, accessories, and props. Outdoor, exterior and interior locations of home and apartment sets are carefully planned. We collaborate on pre-production details to highlight aspects of personality, taste, interests, and skills, weaving their story as collaborators. Post production is executed by me. The photo sessions are always fun and interesting with the ultimate goal of producing a new, unique, refreshing portrait for the muse and photographer.”

“All 200 Pop Dolls are up for adoption seeking warm, safe, loving, caring homes, either temporary or permanent. Well behaved, never getting into trouble, and playing well with others describes their disposition. Pop Dolls have a lot of heart and can be recruited for worthy charitable causes.

“Pop Dolls will continue to populate the planet until further notice.”

“Pop Dolls are waiting in anxious anticipation of their new caretakers

florida musuem of photographic arts,
Florida Museum of Photographic Arts Group Show 2015

museum, digital fine arts,
Gothic Glam Doll Museum Of Digital Fine Arts Exhibition 2018

frog mask, lotus flower,
Florida Museum of Photographic Arts Exhibition 2015