Stephen Neil Gill
Rothko Surprise
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Accepting Commissions

#101 5"H x 3"W Sprayed Enamel, Metallic Ink, Acrylic, Art Card Stock, 2020
Rothko Surprise #101

#102 5"H x 3"W Enamel, Acrylic, Metallic Ink, Micaceous Iron Oxide, Art Panel 2020
Rothko Surprise #102

SOLD #103 5"H x 3"W Enamel, Metallic Ink, Acrylic Micaceous Iron Oxide,, Art Card Stock 2020

Rothko Surprise #104 Enamel, Acrylic, Metallic Acrylic, Ink, Art Card Stock 2020
Rothko Surprise #104

india ink,
#105 12"H x 5.5"W India Ink on Absorbent Paper 2020
Rothko Surprise #105

#106 30"H x 24"W x .75" Acrylic, Oil, Canvas 2020
Rothko Surprise #106

#107 81"H x 54"W Oil on Unstretched Canvas 2020
Rothko Surprise #107

#108 Feel 7"H x 5"W Ink, Watercolor, Metallic Ink, Marker, Metallic Watercolor, Paper 2020

precious metal worker, portal,
#109 Prescious Metal Worker and Dogmans Holographic Archway Over Portal 7"H x 5"W India Ink on Paper 2020

#110 30.75"H x 11.25"W x .75"D Metallic Acrylic, Oil, Wood 2020

#111 Side x Side 9.125" x 12.25" Graphite and Watercolor on Arches Paper 2021

#112 11"H x 15"W Graphite, Oil Pastel Stick, Watercolor, Paper 2021

#113 6.25"H x 3.875"W Watercolor, Metallic Watercolor, Metallic Ink, Paper 2021 2021

#114 30'H X 15'W X .75"D Oil, Chalk, Oil Stick, Ink, Canvas 2021

#115 18"W x 24"H x .75"D Acrylic, Oil, Chalk, Oil Pastel, Canvas 2021

big bird, sesame street, ukraine, no trespassing,
Big Bird For Ukraine No Trespassing 60"H x 40"W x 20' Plush, Metal, Enamel, Acrylic, Plastic, Cloth 2022

#116 No Trespassing Ukraine Dynamite 9"H x 6"W Acrylic Ink, Gunpowder, Graphite. Paper 2022

#117 No Trespassing / You Can See A Lot Just By Looking 5.5"H x .75"W US Fired Military Shell Casing, Sprayed Enamel, Painters Tape, Chinese Fortune, Paper,

wavelength, surprise,
#118 Wavelength 48"H x 36"W x 1.5"D Acrylic on Canvas 2023

#119 Burning Sky 16"W x 20"H x .5"D Sprayed Enamel on Canvas 2023

no trespassing, ukraine,
#120 No Trespassing Ukraine 48"H x 36"W x 1.5"D Sprayed Enamel on Canvas 2023

neverbendtheknee, ukraine
#121 NEVER BEND THE KNEE 24"W x 36"H x 1.5"D Oil, Metallic Ink, Paper, Metal Wire, Paper, Marker 2023

#122 10"H x 8"W x .75"D Acrylic, Oil, Metallic Ink, Canvas 2023

#123 5"W x 7"H Ink, Marker, Paper 2023

#124 5"W x 7"H Ink on Paper 2023

#125 5"W x 7"H Ink on Paper 2023

#126 5"W x 7" H Ink on Paper 2023

#127 Mustard Seed 5"H x 7"W Ink on Paper 2023

#128 Ink, Marker, Paper 2023

5"H x 7"W Marker Watercolor, Metallic Watercolor, Paper 2023