Stephen Neil Gill

plush banana, vending machine,
Sarah Ruth graduate student communications received a gift from her four year old niece who is into sparkles. The banana was won at a claw grab vending machine
Sarah Ruth Camp,
Sarah Ruth Received a Gift from Favorite Aunt and Uncle from Kentucky When She was 10 Years Old. Sarah has seen Every Star Wars Movie.

Transportation Executive Angel Presenting Her Pillow Head

plushophilia, professor, inspiration,
Professor Laura Lee Finley Peace Activist

Tara Mechanical Engineer the Guardian

lionfish, spearfishing, invasive species,
Caity Conspiracy Lionfish and Witch

penguin, globe, climate, global warming,
Penguin and Globe

dog, puppy, bowl, grandma,
Puppy in Grandma's Bowl

gamer, mario bros, mario, fashion,
Amanda and Mario

puppy, snoopy, two hearts, tiara,
Sandy, Puppy, and Snoppy with two Heart Tiarra

Angel Tiger Zebra

Caity Unicorn

commander sheppard,
Student Commander Sheppard and Pikachu

Jessie and Puppy

Roadside Memorial Site

spiderman, elf
Dylan, Lex, and Plush Elf